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Bent Grass Metropolitan District has an existing mill levy of 26.000 mills obligated to pay off Debt (see Annual Report) and 8.641 mills to fund operations and maintenance with the District; at this time there is not discussion on issuing any future mill levies. The Debt mill levy is set to stay in place until the obligated debt is paid off, current maturity date is set for December 1, 2049, and there are currently no anticipated increases or decreases.

At this time, there is no discussion on any additional Long Term Financial Obligations anticipated by the District. Here is a summary of the District’s current outstanding Long Term Financial Obligations:


Name of Debt

Initial Debt Issuance Amount

Maturity Date

Interest Rate

Series 2020$6,750,000December 1, 20495.5%



The main function of the Bent Grass Metropolitan District is to collect tax revenue to pay off the current Long Term Debt and maintain certain neighborhood parks and entry features within the District Boundaries. At this time, the District is not anticipating providing any other primary functions. *See map for property owned by the District.

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What's New in Bent Grass MD

The Bent Grass Metropolitan District Board Meeting on October 4th has been canceled. The next scheduled Board meeting is November 1, 2022 at 10:30 AM.